Jackpot Deuces video poker with a progressive jackpot

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Jackpot Deuces provides a super video poker experience as well as the more thrills and possibility of winning an awesome progressive jackpot. This game is based on five card draw poker with a standard deck of 52 cards.

There are no inherent differences between the online and offline versions, except that instead of playing against other players, online players play against the software. This means that winnings are based on a winning poker hand as opposed to beating another player’s hand.

Players receive a hand of five cards with the opportunity to retain certain cards and discard others. The advantage is that discarded cards can be substituted for new ones from the pack. After this a player must form a hand of three of a kind or better, or forfeit their winnings and lose their bet.

The deuce cards act as the wild substitute for missing cards, making this an action-packed game.