3 Card Poker Gold – two games in one: Pair Plus and the Ante

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3 Card Poker Gold is two games in one, the Pair Plus game and the Ante game. These games can be played together, or as individual games. 3 Card Poker Gold is played with one standard deck of 52 cards that is shuffled before each game.

The Pair Plus game has payouts for specific hand combinations. The payouts are not dependent on the Dealer’s hand. The Ante game has normal and bonus payouts. Normal payouts depend on the Dealer’s hand qualifying with a Queen High hand combination or higher, and the value of your hand and the Dealer’s hand. Ante bonus payouts are paid if you have a bonus hand combination during an Ante game. The ante bonus payouts are not dependent on the value of the Dealer’s hand.

The aim is to complete the game with the strongest hand. All payouts are dependent on the value of the hand you are holding. In 3 Card Poker Gold, you can only play one hand at a time.

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