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Play all types of video slots online from classic to 3D only at Play multiple lines, enjoy bonus rounds, free spins and multiple paylines and reels. With sophisticated graphics and animation video slots are truly an entertainment based slot experience.

You can play multiple lines, rather than simply taking the middle of the 3 symbols shown on each reel, a line may go from top left to bottom right or in any other pattern. Play free video slots – beyond doubt an entertainment based slot experience!

Playboy Online Slot-new 5 reel, 243 way video slot

Playboy Game, 5 reel, 243 Ways to Win video slot

Playboy Game is a 5 reel, 243 Ways to Win video slot being offered under the Microgaming software. This slot offers you scatter symbols, wild symbols and four different free spin modes.

Playboy and Microgaming have joined together to give you an advanced video slot based around the Playboy brand. The Playboy Game theme is a rick classy black that allows the Playboy Playmates to appear wonderfully across the reels as they join you on this odyssey into all things Playboy.

Playboy Game, 5 reel, 243 Ways to Win video slot being offered under the Microgaming software. This slot offers you scatter symbols, wild symbols and four different free spin modes.

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Immortal Romance Slot Free Spin Selection Bonus

Immortal Romance, 243 Ways to Win Video Slot

Come and venture into this amazing fantasy of Vampire immortality versus a heartfelt love story at Immortal Romance Video Slot, and be mesmerised by the characters and their stories, and at the same time make a winning for yourself with every spin! Enjoy the ride, and play to meet Sarah!

Type: 243 Ways to Win Video Slot;
Features: 5 reels, Wilds, Scatters, Free Spin Selection Bonus, Wild Desire™, Multipliers, Free Spins
Wild: Immortal Romance Logo
Scatter: Golden Lion Door Knocker

Come and venture into this amazing fantasy of Vampire immortality versus a heartfelt love story at Immortal Romance Video Slot, and be mesmerised by the characters and their stories, and at the same time make a winning for yourself with every spin!

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde game, 243 Ways Video Slot

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde game – 243 Ways Video Slot

The famous novel of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has always been intriguing yet horrifying, but there is nothing horrifying about the famous Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde game.

Game: Microgaming;
Type: 243 Ways Video Slot
Features: Get 3 or more Scatter symbols to activate the game’s Free Spins feature; Trigger these symbols and you will be able to watch Dr Jekyll transform into; Up to 10 Free Spins will be awarded during this bonus round.
Variance: High

The famous novel of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has always been intriguing yet horrifying, but there is nothing horrifying about the famous Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde game.

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Sterling Silver 3D Video Slot

Sterling Silver 3D game – 25 Paylines Video Slot

Sterling Silver 3D game has five reels and 25 Paylines in which each line holds up to 5 coins. When the Free Spins Feature is accessed, the player is awarded 15 spins, in which he/she can win the Jackpot without having deposited a single coin during the 15 Free Spins round.

When registering for the game, players will order their 3D glasses that will be delivered promptly. It’s worth the wait though, let’s face it – everything is better and more exciting when it’s played in 3D.

At Sterling Silver 3D game player is awarded 15 spins, in which he can win the Jackpot without having deposited a single coin during the 15 Free Spins round

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Great Griffin Slot, free slot machine

Great Griffin Slot – Free Spins bonus slot machine

 Back in a time where kings ruled, knights protected kingdoms and sorcerer’s practiced their magic, roamed a grand mythical beast, the Great Griffin.

This magical creature has the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. He commanded deep respect and was thought to be a wise and wily character and was usually the guardian of great treasure. Who would challenge people to a contest of wits with riddles, and became a symbol of power and perception.

Great Griffin Slot is a 5x4 reel, 50 paylines game. If the Pick’Em bonus is triggered - Free Spins multiplier enables a max. payout of up to 750,000 coins.

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Throne of Egypt Slot game

Throne of Egypt Slot, 5-reel, 25-line video slot game

Throne of Egypt slot game takes you back to the time of the great Egyptian Pharaohs and the extreme riches buried deep within the tombs of the great Kings and Queens.

Throne of Egypt slot game is a 5-reel, 25-line Video Slot with the help of Microgaming™, provides its players with access to Free Spins, Scatters, Wilds, Multipliers and three interactive Bonus Rounds.

Throne of Egypt slot game is a 5-reel, 25-line Video Slot, provides with Free Spins, Scatters, Wilds, Multipliers and three interactive Bonus Rounds.

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Doctor Love Video Slot

doctor-loveDoctor Love Video Slot is a cheeky yet loveable main character in a new video slot from Microgaming™. This is a game that turns the traditional conventions of a visit to the doctor right on its head. Players will surely enjoy the psychedelic setting where troubles and gloom are nowhere to be seen. The game’s main character is Doctor Love himself and a doctor that many women would love to have. He’s a dreamy doctor with a handsome face, blonde hair and blue eyes. This charmer dominates the reels and brings to the game a sense of liveliness and fun.

Doctor Love Video Slot also has a cast of clumsy patients who have had some unfortunate ordeals and some attractive nurses who are there to aid the poor souls. There are also a few objects that no hospital could do without, such as some medical equipment, an ambulance, gifts from the hospital gift shop to spoil any patients and of course some love medicine as heart-shaped pills. All these characters and symbols are delightfully illustrated in a comic way along with a colorful setting reminiscent of the groovy era of the 70s where lava lamps and disco music dominated.

Doctor Love certainly has the look of a highly entertaining video slot, but Microgaming™ made sure that the game has much more to it than just being a good looking slot. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. Whether players are looking to bet high or low, they can wager from as little as €0.01 up to €2.00 per payline. There is also a maximum possible jackpot of €10,000 which is definitely worth playing for. Doctor Love also has a few special features that add to its rewarding possibilities. There are of course the usual Wild and Scatter symbols, a Free Spins bonus and the ever-popular Gamble feature at Doctor Love Video Slot.

Dr Love himself is the Wild symbol and whenever he appears on the reels, he will substitute for any of the other symbols, except for the Scatter, to help complete a winning payline. The Scatter symbol is represented by the Love meters and if 3, 4 or 5 of them land on the reels then players will be awarded with 10, 15 or 20 Free Spins, respectively. Not only will they win the Free Spins but there will also be a 3x Multiplier attached to them, meaning that any wins made during the Free Spins bonus round will be tripled.

Finally there is the Gamble feature, which is a major hit and an increasingly popular feature that is added to video slots recently. Players at Doctor Love Video Slot will get the chance to double or quadruple their winnings by betting on which card colour or which card suite will be revealed next from the deck.

Ultimately Doctor Love is a simple video slot, but the fact that it is not packed with numerous bonus features does not take away from the fact that it is a highly entertaining game that is easy to play and promises some generous rewards. Players will be smitten with the Doctor as he tends to the sick and aids the unwell all while remaining very cool.

Players will find Doctor Love to be a game that not only has an amusing theme with some wacky characters and fun graphics, but also an online slot that has a lot to offer. With all the bonus features and rewarding possibilities, players will have the chance to truly win big and walk away with some noteworthy prizes. Get in to the swing of things and feel a little groovy with the love doctor himself in Microgaming™’s quirky online slot game, Doctor Love Video Slot.

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Untamed Bengal Tiger Video Slot

untamedDeep within the jungle at Untamed Bengal Tiger Video Slot, moves a predator that is both feared and worshiped. He prowls with silent paws, and animals flee from his path as he proudly walks. Between the leaves, you can see his black stripes dance to the rhythm and heartbeat of the jungle. This creature is King of his habitat, and is known as the untamed Bengal Tiger.

Untamed Bengal Tiger Video Slot are native to South Asia and are the national animal of India and Bangladesh. Classified as an endangered species, the estimated population is fewer than 2,500. In Indian Mythology, this majestic beast is known as the guardian of the jungle, carrier of the Mother Goddess and the creator of rain. He is an icon of strength, speed and agility and is seen as “God’s officer on special duty”, protecting the young, healing the sick and punishing those who don’t abide to the rules of nature. According to legend…

Lord Ayyappan (the incarnation of Vishnu and Shiva) was found by a king and queen on the banks of the river and was brought to their palace. The queen raised him as her own, but when the queen had another child, she became jealous of Ayyappan and vowed to murder him. She pretended to be ill and sent Ayyappan to fetch tiger’s milk to cure her illness. Instead of being killed like she hoped, Ayyappan returned to the palace on the back of the Tiger, with other tigers following him.

In Microgaming™’s new slot, Untamed-Bengal tiger, players get the opportunity to uncover the mysteries surrounding the great predator and discover the riches hidden in-between the reels. With 5 Reels, 243 Ways to Win, and innovative features, this is the first exciting slot in the Untamed series. On the reels, you will find a wide range of high paying symbols including the Bengal Tiger itself, wild animals and their natural habitat, as well as the various poker symbols.

The slot also contains an Untamed Bengal Tiger Video Slot Logo Wild, and the Eye of the Tiger Scatter. Its coin denominations start from as little as 1 cent and allow for multiple coins per spin. Although there aren’t any Multipliers or Progressive Jackpots in the game, there are a whole host of new features for players to enjoy, and all of them come with an interesting twist:

Collect-A-Wild™: The great thing about the Wilds in Untamed-Bengal Tiger is that they appear frequently in the base game and whenever they appear on the reels, they are added to the counter below. Once four Wilds have been collected, the entire wheel turns Wild for the next four Spins. Ideally, you would like to wait for all the reels to collect Wilds so you can get double rewards. It may take a while but the winnings are certainly worth the wait.

Trailing Wilds™: Another twist to the game happens during the Free Spins bonus round. When you get a Wild, it turns into a Trailing Wild, first expanding to two spots, and then to the whole reel. The only down side is that this happens very slowly, and slows down the pace of the Free Spins round.

Lucky Nudge™: Here’s where you want to watch out for the Scatter Symbols. Although you have to wait a long time to get 3 or more Scatters to fall on the Reels, if you do succeed then you will enter into the Free Spins bonus round. The entire scenery will fall into night, glow bugs will flicker, the music will kick it up a notch in anticipation, and you will get 20 Free Spins. Sometimes, in the base game, if you have two Scatters on the reels and one peeking out from the edge of the Reels, with the Lucky Nudge feature the Tiger’s eye will shift onto the reels, triggering the Free Spins round.

Your Gamble™: For those who like to take an extra bet on their winnings, with the Your Gamble feature, you will see a circle with win and lose areas. You can adjust your bet and predict in which area the needle will fall. You can gamble all your winnings or only a portion and bank the rest.

Untamed Bengal Tiger has phenomenal graphics and animations and even though the winnings in the base game are not all too great, the big prizes that can be won from the features are significant. The game has a nice pace as well as an Autoplay feature. Brave the daring journey waiting for you in the feral wilderness, and enjoy a rewarding adventure with this mysterious beast in Untamed Bengal Tiger Video Slot.

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White Buffalo Video Slot

buffThe White Buffalo Video Slot has always been a spiritual and sacred symbol of life and abundance. The legend came from an old folk tale that went something like this:
One summer, a long time ago, the seven sacred council fires of the Lakota Sioux came together, out of hunger. Two young men went to go hunt and along the way they met a beautiful woman who told them to return and tell everyone she was coming. She gave the people a sacred pipe that showed how all things were connected, and she taught them the mysteries of the earth. When she left, she rolled on the earth, changing colour and turned into a white buffalo calf. It is said that after she left, buffalo became plentiful every time the Lakota people honoured their pipe.

The legend has been passed down from generation to generation, and now has  become a spiritual symbol of abundance. White Buffalo are extremely rare and occur in one about one out of every 10 million births. Microgaming™ has made a White Buffalo Video Slot 5-reel slot that spins the tale of this majestic and rare beats. It is set in the wintery Great Plain landscape, filled with icy blue colours, and every time you spin, mysterious native music fills your ears.

The high paying symbols include the Elk, The Moose, and the Ram and the Wild symbol is the silhouette of the great White Buffalo himself in an ancient circle. Every time this falls on the reels, it will substitute for any other symbol, excluding the Scatter. They can appear at any time at on any of the reels and they increase your chances for winning more coins. When three or more Scatter Symbols (the White Buffalo Logo with a skull background) fall on the reels, the exciting BIG GAME Free Spin feature is activated.

The White Buffalo Video Slot will dash across the snowy slot reels and when this happens, you will be awarded with 6 Free Spins. If you find yourself looking at a Ram, and Elk and a moose on the Reels, they will change into White Buffalo. This will add to the jackpot wins and can be re-triggered even while in the initial Free Spins round. Take a look at the paytable of the game. You will see that the Wild, and the White Buffalo are worth up to 1000. The next in rank is the Moose, then the Elk and then the Ram.

You get a choice when it comes to the coins. The minimum coins cost $0.01 and the maximum is $0.02. The betting range is from $0.1 up to $150.00. The top jackpots are possible to get with a few conditions. The player needs to play all 25 lines, the maximum bet of 750 coins and 30 coins per line. Each coin should also cost an additional $0.20. The biggest jackpot available is $6000 and is available for 5 Wild Symbols or 5 Buffaloes. While there is no Autoplay feature, there is a Stop feature that lets you spin and stop the reels by yourself, at any moment you lie. Some players tend to like this option as they feel more in control of the outcome.

This game is thoroughly entertaining and has the potential to pay out high winnings. While the Free Spins rounds aren’t triggered very often, when they are the prizes are big and players can walk away with great rewards. The game interaction is fair, and players will feel engaged with the features and captivated by the graphics in particular. The animations are great too. When you get a winning White Buffalo combination, the beast will begin to snort warm air from his nostrils. When the Free Spins are triggered, the galloping Buffalo will kick up snow as they race across your screen.

It’s time for you to saddle up, put your feet in the stirrups and begin a journey across the icy Great Plains in search of the wonders of this magical beast. He will lead you to great riches and rewards, and you’ll find yourself staring at a stampede of winnings when you leave.

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Lucky Witch Video Slot

lucky-wAt Lucky Witch Video Slot. The night sky is dark and clear. Somewhere beyond the sounds of the city an owl is hooting gently. Unsure why, you make your way down the dark alleys towards the abandoned house down the way. A gust of wind blows the heavy oak door open and, although your stomach is filled with fluttering butterflies, you make your way inside the cold, dark entrance hall at Lucky Witch Video Slot.

You notice a small, flickering light coming from the next room. The cold of the stone floor urges you to meander further. As you round the corner, you knock an empty bottle and the black cat that was sleeping quietly screeches before dashing away. With your heart pounding, you gradually begin to make out the figure on the far side of the room… could it be? A witch?

She gestures to you to come closer. Overcome by her undeniable presence, you ignore your suddenly leaden feet and obey. Slowly, slowly, you edge closer, until she is within touching distance. “Pick a bottle,” she says, “and claim the Win All Bonus.”

In one of their new game releases, Microgaming™ explores a slightly darker side, but with an unexpected twist – instead of the usual wart bearing, dull hat wearing witch that we have all come to know and fear, Microgaming™ has used an attractive seductress with gleaming red locks to draw players into this transfixing game with her entrancing good looks.

When the Potion Scatter icon appears at Lucky Witch Video Slot, three, four or five results in 13 Free Spins and a Witch (as an Extra Wild) with a 2x Multiplier which gives the player a greater win as the Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet wagered to give the final total at Lucky Witch Video Slot.

There are multiple bonuses in the Lucky Witch video slot game. When the Cauldron symbol is appears on the first, third and fifth Reels, the Mystery Bonus is activated. This curious bonus unlocks a range of bonuses. The Potion Bonus, the Pumpkin Bonus and the Spell Book Bonus.

The Potion Bonus invites players into the captivating witch’s lair to “Pick a Potion” from the twelve colourful potions displayed on her arched wall as she watches on, all in an attempt to pick the bottle that contains the “Win All” symbol. However, players should remember that, although she is beautiful beyond words, this is a witch, after all. Hidden in a few of the bottles are skulls and cross bones which hold the power to end the bonus round early.

The Pumpkin Bonus round gives players the option of choosing three of the five pumpkins – each of which have a slightly spooky Halloween-like face carved into them – and the option to re-choose their prize for something better.

In the Vault Bonus, a door is revealed. The golden inlays offer players twelve icons of witchcraft from which they must choose the three to reveal magical prizes; thereafter one tantalizing prize is chosen from the three.

The Spell Book Bonus, the last of the Mystery Bonuses, takes players further into the witch’s eerie territory. In this bonus round, the witch’s private spell books are displayed to the players who have to choose one to unfold their mystic prize. But beware! A reddish imp may appear to cast a spell which will increase the value of your multiplier.

The cobwebby, colourful scenery, HD graphics and creative animations merge with the wicked sound effects and charming music to give players a mythical gaming experience that will no doubt bewitch them into coming back for more at Lucky Witch Video Slot.

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Roller Derby Video Slot

roller-dRoller Derby Video Slot™ is not for the faint hearted. The animated avatars are game for whatever you bring their way. Their tough feminist demeanors peer at the player in anticipation for you to take advantage of the incredible Bonus options available. The eye catching, graffiti-like colours, the various sound changes, as well as the general display – reflect the true spirit of this upbeat game and will keep players stimulated and intrigued throughout the duration of their play. There are ground breaking Bonuses, Free Spins and bulging Jackpots to be conquered.

If you’ve never heard of Roller Derby before then you’re in for a treat. The game represents a fast-paced, turbulent and innovative game taking roller skating to new levels. The players have no remorse while in the zone – striving to lap members of the opposing team, whilst trying to coordinate and protect their Jammer (player who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team) against the hindering tactics of their opponents. If you’re picking-up on an intense and action packed vibe, then you’re spot on and will then have some idea about what to expect while playing the Roller Derby Video Slot.

Roller Derby Video Slot is supported by Microgaming™, providing the game with the edge and the extra power that it requires in order to provide its players not only with the thrill they are looking for, but also to enhance the quality and the over-all performance of their gaming experience. If you enjoy sports and generally have a competitive nature, then Roller Derby Video Slots are bound to tweak your interests.

So, what else does this Video Slot have in store for players…?

Whilst most people will be intrigue, the game primarily calls for players who are experienced. Beginners are obviously welcome to take a whirl and who knows, you might have beginners luck. There are 25 Pay Lines available with which a player has the opportunity to win rewards when the right combination of icons appear on each of the 5 reels. 10 coins must be used per Pay Line with the maximum amount of 250 coins in use at one time. The Scatter symbol is the Roller Derby emblem for the game and the Wild symbol depicts purple and pink roller skates with the word Wild written underneath. This Scatter carries rewards when it presents itself on the reels and the more that appear – the greater the player’s rewards. The Roller Derby Scatter symbol (when visible), brings forward the Bonus Round within the game. The Bonus feature gives the player 5 Free Spins when you get at least three or more Scatters.

The next option to activate the Bonus game features is for the player to get a number of Wild symbols in the reels. The Wild symbol basically acts as a stand-in for other symbols to encourage frequent successful combinations. The only Symbol the Wild cannot replace is the Scatter. What’s also fantastic about Wild symbols is that they often act as a multiplier – doubling, tripling and quadrupling your rewards on a single spin. As mentioned above, the Wild also has the power to activate Bonus game features available to the player. The Pay Out percentage is remarkably high in Roller Derby Video Slot, as it pays out 95.24% of the time, with a low volatility (little unpredictability) – increasing the player’s chances of winning, significantly.

If you’re up for a challenge and feeling rather lucky then the odds are definitely in your favour. What’s great about slots in general is their simplicity when it comes to game play and their diverse and exciting themes, which encourage you to step into a world in which you are comfortable and at the same time – making you a worthy winner. So get your game face on and play with confidence, integrity and determination to succeed – not only in Roller Derby Video Slots, but in everything you set your mind to.

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Surf Safari Video Slot

surf-safariThe sun is out to play at Surf Safari Video Slot, the waves are sweetly rolling, and the sand is the best kind of warm. What a scene for a day of riding waves. Instead of sitting at your desk looking out at the swells, grab your board and slap on that sunscreen, because you’re going for a ride. Nothing beats the thrill of climbing a 12 foot wall of water and then taking the drop. There is no view quite as amazing as the one you get when you’re tunnelling through the green room, caught in-between wave walls of aqua. There is no smell quite as great as fresh ocean air, and a whiff of coconut Surfwax.

Take a trip down to south beach, and go on a surfari hunt for winning waves and treasures in Microgaming™’s new slot, Surf Safari Video Slot. The theme will have you searching for your sunnies, when you sit down and start spinning. There are some colourful characters that will ride the waves with you in this 5-Reel, 243 Ways to Win game. You’ll find yourself surfing down the barrel with lions, tigers, snakes and giraffes. The other poker symbols all have different colourful prints on them.

The graphics are colourful, comical and bright. The background is a vibrant turquoise of sea and sky. The music is not continues during gameplay but only starts up when players spin the reels. It is typical surfer style music, and makes you want to lounge lazily with Hawaiian cocktails, or rush headfirst into the crashing waves at Surf Safari Video Slot.

The bets per line at Surf Safari Video Slot range from 1 – 10 coins, and the minimum bet is 0.25 and goes all the way through to 250.00. All wins pay from left to right. For those players who like higher stakes, Surf Safari enables players to place multiple coins and boost their bet as well as their winning potential. The Splashy Wild Logo substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter, and the Surf Safari Logo Scatter is the one you want to watch out for. When you get three or more of these symbols on the reels at one time, you’ll enter into the Safari Surf Wax Bonus Round.

In the First Safari Surf Wax bonus round, the screen will be washed away and will be replaced with a dusty sunset and 15 Surf Wax containers with lucrative prizes. The music will kick it up a notch and players will get the opportunity to pick the Surf Wax one by one to reveal special prizes. Once the players have turned over the container, the prize will automatically be added to their winnings. If they choose a Surf Wax that reveals the word ‘Collect’ it will signal the end of the bonus round and they will return to the regular game. If players choose the Surf Wax that reveals ‘Win All’, all the possible bonus prizes will be added to their current winnings and they will advance to the next round.

In the next round, the sunset will fade to night, and the surf wax containers will change to red. Underneath these containers, even bigger prizes are waiting to be uncovered. There is a higher chance of picking a “collect” container, but these bonus rounds really do pay out large sums.
The animations in the game are smooth and fun, and the game is interactive, engaging and most of all entertaining. Microgaming™ is renowned for producing games that not only have captivating themes, but faultless software and gameplay. Surf Safari in particular is a must-try as it has a lot of potential for anyone who loves lively, action-packed titles. With a jackpot of 1250 coins, all players can have a go at this sea and sun themed game, and ride down the waves of rewards at Surf Safari Video Slot.

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