Sic Bo

The game of sic bo has seen an increase in its popularity in recent years. This is largely based on it being included with most casino software that is found online today. This added exposure has let those who may have known of the game or not had exposure to it, have the opportunity to learn how it is played. In the process millions have gained an appreciation for Sic Bo. Sic bo as a table game is appealing as it is not one that is complicated to play. The name may suggest otherwise for some but once they gain an understanding of the rules they realise the games potential and pleasure in playing it.

Sic Bo originated in China. The earliest versions of the game included the use of three dice with wagers being placed on results based on the roll. The translation of Sic Bo means small/big and the game is aptly named as game allows for wagers big and small. As a result it appeals to both low wagering players as well as high wagering players. It gives each style of play an equal opportunity to see positive results but do so within their budget or bankroll available.

When playing Sic Bo a player is presented with a series of dice combinations that are laid out on the Sic Bo table. Prior to the dice being rolled each player seated at the table is able to place multiple wagers on the outcome they think the dice will be once rolled. This can include wagering on one dice or both, pairs, various combinations of the two dice, small and big. The game is not at all complicated when it comes to placing a wager and it is laid out in a simple to understand fashion.

Sic Bo is a game of chance. There is not a true strategy that can be based on the game other than placing wagers on a broader set of numbers.

This would include placing wagers on certain numbers or combinations with higher payouts and at the same time including wagers on lower paying results. This is done to average out your bankroll so that you are able to increase your opportunities at landing on a larger win.

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