Money Wheel

Money Wheel is a deviation of Big Six, which is the game with the large vertical wheel. What makes the Money Wheel special is 56 stops instead of 54, and various of them are multipliers. The symbols are the $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 bills — and three or four special symbols, typically a joker the casino logo and one or two re-spins.

Gamblers bet on the symbols but re-spin. The $1 bills pay at odds of 1 to 1, the $2 bills – 2 to 1, the $5 bills – 5 to 1, etch. The joker and the logo pay at odds of 40 to 1 or 45 to 1, and re-spin is a re-spin by the spinner.

Three Wheeler

three-wheelerThree Wheeler is played on a three tiered spinning wheel, with each tier of the wheel spinning independently.

In this game you must guess the outcome of the final stop position of the three wheels to win a multiplier value. You can bet on a specific wheel position per wheel, or on the total value of the positions indicated by the win line across all the wheels.

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Spin A Win

spin-a-winYou can place various bets on where the spinning wheel will stop. Click on the bet areas to increase your bet. Click on Clear Last to cancel the last bet or Clear All to cancel all bets on the table.

The amount you have bet on any bet area, is shown on the top of that bet area. Your total stake (sum of all bets for the next round) is displayed on the lower right corner of the screen. Each of the bets has a different payout, written on the corresponding bet area.Spin A Win